Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is how we roll!

Or at least this is how Garrett rolls. Garrett plays with Brinley's toys (his old toys) more now than he ever has. He cruises all around the house in this little walker and today I finally took a picture which as an added bonus he didn't have pants on. I've already decided this will be the picture I show to all of his dates, one that will be on his wedding video and so forth. I love this kid!

And if the above pictures weren't enough here's a few more of the cutest kids ever. Or at least that's how Grant and I feel!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A few more details

Wow can you believe our blog has been updated twice in the past few days. I know I can't either. Grant was sending a message to one of his mission friends and included the link to our blog so I was forced to mention that I hadn't updated this since Christmas. Grant was in shock. So I walked him through the whole process so that he could update our blog. In my head I was thinking great now Grant can take over and then I won't seem so lame. So the last post with no title and one family picture was Grant's first attempt at blogging. Obviously neither of us are good at this.
So here's a few more pictures and some details. We spent the end of March in Boise celebrating my Grandma's 75th birthday, attending two wedding receptions, taking family pictures and enjoying wonderful family and weather in Boise.

Brinley is now 8 months old! She's growing so fast and we think she's the cutest thing ever. She's mellow and sweet and loves Garrett's cool tricks.

The boys

My beautiful kids.

"The Grills" That's how Garrett says girls. It's so cute we are quite ready to correct him yet

My beautiful sisters.

The Whole Hanson Family.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Monday, December 21, 2009

December Happenings

As you can tell we haven't blogged in a while but that doesn't mean we haven't been MAKING MEMORIES. Although we failed to post Halloween or Thanksgiving pictures we've been having so much fun with Garrett and our new little one and watching them both grow. So to make up for my lack of posting, here's our December Happenings. (Sorry my pictures are so terrible)

This is our advent calendar. I let Garrett pick out any candy he wanted to fill it and he choose little packages of pez.So every morning Garrett wakes up asks what day it is and fills his little reindeer pez dispenser. I've never seen a happier child. Here's our beautiful Christmas tree that we went and cut down. This is the best one we found by far. Can you see a special little decoration in the tree?Garrett added his own little flair this year. He threw this empty 7-up bottle in the tree and was so thrilled that it stuck. He thinks it's the funniest thing ever. So I decided it could stay this year. It's grown on us.Elf is our favorite Christmas movie this year. Garrett loves it. We've watched it tons of times. We just bought the Polar Express and have been enjoying that for the past few days as well. It's been a nice break from Garrett's favorite movie UP.This is my wonderful nativity set that my Mother gave me last year. It's not a great pic but this might be the only year it gets used because if you look closely you can see the injured donkey in the front and nobody will fess up.

Other than that we've enjoyed some fun Christmas parties. I made my mothers famous Sugar cookies for a cookie exchange. (They we beautiful and delicious) We've played in the snow a little bit. Grant winterized the snow machines! We managed to not take a family picture in time to get a Christmas card out. I had all my Young Women over to my house yesterday for our Christmas lesson and breakfast. We've shopped and wrapped and curled ribbon and all those fun things and we're excited and ready to head to Boise for Christmas!!!!!!

P.S. we took some quick family pictures yesterday and I'll post them in the next day or too. So stay tuned.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Since Brinley decided to surprise us a little early we were able to head down to Utah for little Miya's blessing. We had such a good time with family and enjoyed spending Labor Day with Thayne and Jennifer and there kids at This is the place.

Our cute little family at the wonderful luncheon. That's Garrett's "Happy Face"

Billy and Alesa and little Eliza. She's the second of the three cousins. Born 11 days before Brinley.

The Wilson Dads!

The cute little train ride at This is the Place. This was Garrett's favorite part. He rode this train like 5 times. I wish you could have seen his little face.

The horse ride. Garrett was so big and rode all by himself. Some fun family shots.

Garrett is 3!

After we got back from Utah I turned around and headed to Boise to let my family meet little Brinley. We had such a good time there going to the zoo, riding the paddle boats, and celebrating Garrett's 3rd birthday.
This is the little announcement I sent out. Garrett is really into construction equipment.

Here's his cake. Actually it's called cow pie in my family maybe mud pie in other families. It was delicious and messy and best of all it looked like a load of dirt!

Garrett got this camera from Grandma Brenda and spent the rest of the night taking pictures of everyone!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She's here!

Our little girl has arrived. Brinley Raquel Wilson was born on August 18th and we're so happy to have her here. We think she's the most beautiful baby!

Garrett loves his new baby sister and loves being a BIG brother even more!

This is my favorite picture. She's two days old!
More pictures and details to come.